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G900X® Overview

Built on the same technology as our popular G1000® glass avionics suite, the non-certified G900X® offers a fully integrated solution for some of the most popular kit built aircraft.

The G900X consolidates all primary flight, navigation, communication, terrain, traffic, surveillance, weather and engine sensor data on dual 10.4”, high-definition LCDs. These big, easy-to-scan glass displays feature wide viewing angles, brilliant color and direct sunlight readability. SVT™ synthetic vision technology provides a 3-D “virtual reality” display of what lies outside the cockpit.

Aircraft AvailabilityOne System. Many Aircraft.

The G900X is available for installation on the following kit built aircraft. Talk to your authorized Garmin avionics dealer for specifics and to determine if your installation is eligible for the Engine Information System (EIS).

  • Comp Air 9
  • Comp Air 8
  • Epic LT
  • Lancair Evolution
  • Lancair IV-P
  • Lancair IV
  • Lancair Legacy
  • Van’s RV-10
  • Van’s RV-7/7A
  • Van’s RV-9/9A
  • Seawind
  • Velocity XL/TXL
  • Super Mushak NG

HardwareGet the Complete Package

When you install at G900X, you’re getting the same proven technology that’s found in our certified G1000 glass avionics suite. The G900X comes with everything you need for a simple, straightforward installation:

  • Dual 10.4” LCD displays — interchangeable for use as PFDs or MFDs
  • SVT displays 3-D terrain, obstacles, traffic and more
  • Digital audio panel with auto-squelch and “instant replay” clearance recorder
  • 16 W VHF Comm transceivers with 8.33 kHz channel spacing
  • Mode S transponder with optional extended squitter for ADS-B compliance
  • Digital air data computer that acts as the brains of the entire G900X
  • Solid state Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) that reliably measures the aircraft’s heading, pitch and yaw
  • Magnetometer to determine aircraft’s magnetic heading
  • Air temperature probe for true airspeed, density altitude and other essential flight calculations

FeaturesSee the Big Picture

Click on each photo below to learn more about that feature.

Attitude Awareness
Attitude Awareness

In place of sensitive mechanical gyro instruments, the G900X system uses the latest in GPS-aided ADAHRS (Air Data, Attitude Heading and Reference System). Based on solid-state technology derived from Garmin’s popular certified G1000 system, the ADAHRS provides highly accurate and reliable referencing of aircraft attitude, heading, rate, vector and acceleration data.

Rich, Interactive Map and more
Rich, Interactive Map and more

The G900X contains a powerful, rich and detailed moving map display. If you’ve ever wondered at any given time how far away upcoming airspace, inclement weather, traffic or anything on the moving map was, G900X makes it a cinch! Simply press the knob and scroll anywhere on the map and using your current position, the G900X displays the distance, bearing, and time to that location on the map as well as the elevation and GPS coordinates of that location.

Other powerful features include an “Always On” bearing pointer to the nearest airport, extended runway centerlines, easy creation of user way points, altitude alerting tones when leaving the indicated bugged altitude, display of pilot defined checklists, and flight and engine data logging of up to a 1,000 hours on a single 2 GB SD card.

Engine Instruments
Engine Instruments

EIS displays of engine, fuel and systems data can be accessed and monitored on the G900X via the system’s GEA 71 engine and airframe interface. EIS is an optional feature; contact your dealer to determine compatibility with specific make/model engines.

Synthetic Vision
Synthetic Vision

With Garmin SVT™ synthetic vision technology for the G900X, you’ll always know what lies ahead — even in solid IFR or nighttime VFR conditions. Using sophisticated graphics modeling, SVT provides a 3-D “virtual reality” perspective for enhanced situational awareness. Synthetic Vision displays terrain using different shades of color and even includes streams, lakes and large bodies of water. Even more, it displays obstacles and traffic (optional), as well as the airport environment that includes airport signposts and the runway. For additional awareness, your route is outlined with “windows” on the PFD screen. This virtual “highway in the sky” varies in size to depict the flight path in perspective, making it easy to visualize enroute legs, course intercepts, final approach courses, runway thresholds and more.

SiriusXM® Weather and Radio
SiriusXM® Weather and Radio

SiriusXM Satellite Weather is supported by the G900X with an optional GDL 69/69A receiver and subscriptions. The system can display graphical NEXRAD radar, METARS, TAFS, TFRs, winds aloft, lightning strikes, storm cells and more. What’s more, over 170 channels of SiriusXM audio can also be enjoyed through the interface.

SafeTaxi® Diagrams
SafeTaxi® Diagrams

When your aircraft touches down, built in Garmin SafeTaxi airport diagrams are there to help you navigate over 1,000 U.S. airports, as well as many in Canada and Europe. You’ll see a depiction of your aircraft’s exact location overlaid onto taxiways, runways, hot spots, hangars and other airport facilities.

Terrain and Obstacles
Terrain and Obstacles

In addition to the worldwide Garmin land basemap that helps identify cities, roads and bodies of water along your flight path, the G900X also provides a built-in database of both terrain elevation and obstacles that overlay on the main moving map page. And the dedicated terrain page helps to depict terrain and obstacles of concern based on the aircraft’s current altitude. The terrain page can be displayed using a 2-D map, profile view or both (pictured). While not directly focusing on the display, both visual and audible alerts help provide an automated warning to the pilot. Optional Class B TAWS (Terrain Awareness and Warning System) alerting can provide an added layer of avoidance safety.

FliteCharts® Procedures
FliteCharts® Terminal Procedures

The G900X system comes preloaded with geo-referenced Garmin FliteCharts, which displays your position on AeroNav—format terminal procedures including IFR approach plates for thousands of U.S. airports. Optional geo-referenced ChartView is also available for those who prefer Jeppesen-style charts (subscription required).

Traffic Advisories
Traffic Advisories

To help you keep nearby air traffic under surveillance, the G900X supports traffic with either TIS (Traffic Information Service) via an interface with your Garmin GTX 33 ES Mode S transponder (standard with new G900X systems; optional on newly overhauled systems) or an optional GTS 800 or GTS 820 active traffic system. Traffic displays in 3-D on the PFD’s synthetic vision (SVT) with directional arrow indications to help point out traffic at a glance. Traffic also displays in 2-D right on the MFD’s moving map page or a separate dedicated traffic page can be configured. And visual and audible alerts of nearby traffic help keep your eyes outside of the aircraft.

Reversionary Mode
Reversionary Mode

Thanks to its 2-display design, the G900X offers full reversionary backup should a failure of either display occur. In reversionary mode, the remaining GDU combines critical flight instrumentation with engine readouts and navigation information in a single—screen consolidated presentation.

Cockpit Connectivity
Cockpit Connectivity

With the installation of an optional GSR 56 (and subscriptions), your G900X can track weather globally. Easily pull up radar, satellite and meteorological reports for anywhere in the world — from virtually any corner of the globe you might be flying in. The GSR 56 also facilitates voice calling and text messaging right through your G900X display.


New and Newly Overhualed systems with EIS options are avaliable depending on your engine type. Please Contact Us so that we may assist you in choosing the correct configuration for your aircraft.

System OptionsCustomize For Your Needs and Budget

  • GCU 746 Keypad
    Add a keypad for easier data entry.
  • Mode S ES Transponder Upgrade
    A Mode S ES transponder adds ADS-B “Out” capability for newly overhauled G900X systems (Mode S ES transponder comes standard with new systems).
  • GDL® 69/69A
    Receive and display SiriusXM satellite weather and listen to hundreds of channels of entertainment (subscription required).
  • GTS 800
    Track up to 60 targets with the GTS 800 Traffic Avoidance System (TAS) and receive visual and aural alerts as you near conflicts.
  • GTS™ 820
    The powerful GTS 820 Traffic Avoidance System (TAS) allows you to track targets, even when they’re 40 nm away.
  • TAWS-B
    Enabling Class B Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS) provides alerts and warnings for potential terrain and obstacle conflicts.
  • Video Input Capability
    Display video from a compatible source right on your MFD.
  • GSR 56
    Receive radar, satellite, METARS, TAFs and more on a worldwide basis. Make and take phone calls and send text messages globally, as well.
  • Optional Garmin ChartView™
    Display Jeppesen®-style terminal procedures, inlcuding approaches, SIDs and STARs. Georeferencing capability shows your aircraft overlaid right on the approach plates. Note: Garmin FliteCharts come standard at no additional cost. They are not georeferenced.